Oak Heart Estate

Wedding and Event Venue, Paso Robles, California

On-the-rise wedding and event venue in the westside region of Paso Robles, CA. Featuring 360 degree sweeping vineyard views which serve as a stunning backdrop for your outdoor event. Let us provide an exquisite experience in helping create your dream wedding or event!

                       Ron and Lauren Pinocchio

                       Ron and Lauren Pinocchio

The Road to the Heart

In 2012, we put our working gloves on! Looking back, we are still fascinated how Oak Heart Estate has come to life. Creating this venue by hand, including leveling ground, laying stone, erecting beams, and restacking stone walls, has been a journey of hard work, dedication, and unfailing love for each other and all of those involved in our vision!

We are thankful for all the support we have received along the way, and look forward to hosting weddings and events for years to come!

The Story of the Heart

We got married in April of 2015 and absolutely loved every moment of our day!  

Lauren's father had left us our beautiful property, along with plans to create truly one-of-a-kind event and entertainment venue. Together we decided we must complete his project, but in our own vision. His dream came to life and continues to grow, in a way all our own.  After years of hard work, dedication and love we created an incredible, breathtaking space! With the help of family and friends, we were able to make our dream into reality - and Oak Heart Estate was born!

We live our lives by love, honesty and hard work and above all, remembering to enjoy every moment!